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2020 September
Exhibition/Event News

Yosuke Amemiya
●solo exhibition “There are a fruit sculpture and breathlessness, rest is all backyard.”
session:2020/9/11(Fri) – 10/10(Sat) 13:00 – 19:00 *closed on Sun, Mon, Tue, public holidays
opening reception : 2020/9/11(Fri) 17:00 – 19:00
*Swan Song A Performance
– 9/11(Fri), 12(Sat), 17(Thu), 18(Fri), 19(Sat), 24(Thu), 25(Fri)
*Depending on the situation, the exhibition and related event will be changed, please check the website.
venue:SNOW Contemporary
HP :

●Berlin Art Week
session:2020/9/8(Tue)- around the end of Sep.
venue:Andreas Murkudis, Berlin
Berlin Art Week:
*Depending on the situation, the exhibition will be changed.

●project “Perfectly Ordinary Stones, Carried For 1,300 Years”
“Ishimochi(stone-carrier)” was updated at 11a.m 14th October 2019.
*Ishimochi is updated once every five years.
HP :

Kota Takeuchi
●group exhibition "Splitting the Atom"
session : 2020/9/18 - 10/25 12:00- 20:00 *closed on Mon
venue : Contemporary Art Centre, Energy & Technology Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
HP :
curator's note :

Tatsuo Kawaguchi
●solo exhibition SHOW-CASE project No.4 ”Tatsuo Kawaguchi”
session:2020/8/17(Mon) – *Appointment is needed, please check the website for more information.
venue : Keio University Art Space / the ground floor of Keio University South Annex, Tokyo/Japan

●mural「Kobe Mural Art Project」
venue:Former Kobe City Hall
session:〜 Nov. 2020
HP :

●mural "LUCK"
venue:Former site of LIVIN in front of Mito Station (1, Sannomaru, Mito-shi, Ibaraki, Japan)
Anyone can see.
HP :

●mural project "POW!WOW!KOREA"
HP :

●solo exhibition ” THE SLOW REPRISE”
session:2020/6/25(Thu) – 9/26(Sat) 11:00-19:00 Tue – Sat
venue : galerie L J/ 12 rue Commines FR-75003 Paris / France
HP :

Fuyuki Yamakawa
●group exhibition「Daisuke Miyatsu: 25 years of video art - A point of transit signals from East and South East Asia」
session:2020/5/22(Fri) – 2021/01/03(Sun)
venue:ALIEN ART CENTRE, Taiwan

●work “「パ」nishment”
The performance for which Yamakawa cannot pronounce 「パ」for a year, has started on January 1, 2011.
If you happen to hear him say 「パ」, please inform through the Twitter writing “#panisshi” on the top.
session : 2011/1/1 - ?
HP :

*For more information about Yamakawa, please check below;

Fuyuki Yamakawa, Kota Takeuchi
●group exhibition “Don’t Follow The Wind”
session:2015/3/11(Wed) - 20XX/X/X
venue:Exclusion zone of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant incident
HP :
artists: Ai Weiwei, Miyanaga Aiko, Chim↑Pom, Grand Guignol Mirai, Nikolaus Hirsch and Jorge Otero-Pailos, Takeuchi Kota, Eva and Franco Mattes, Koizumi Meiro, Takekawa Nobuaki, Ahmet Ögüt, Trevor Paglen, Taryn Simon

**For further information, please contact SNOW Contemporary.

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