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SNOW Art Consulting is a team of art consulting experts that connects artworks with people, businesses, and/or mission statements. We take pride in our creativity, sincerity and curiosity to offer our clients the best quality art consulting service with fair pricing, coherence and timeliness.

Five Reasons to Choose SNOW Art Consulting

■ Our Global Selection
From paintings, photographs, sculptures and drawings by artists around the world, we introduce the most worthy artwork for each of our clients. We consistently conduct expert research and provide the latest information to our clients by constantly collaborating with gallerist, artists and curators around the world.

■ Satisfaction Guaranteed
Because of our 7-days 100% money-back guarantee policy, please feel reassured about your purchase. For any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, you are welcome to return it. We will continue to assist you until you find the artwork of your choice.

■ No Advisory Fee
Professional curators will give free consultation for art advisory service. The curator will listen to the request of a client and suggest carefully selected pieces of artwork free of charge.

■ High Quality Artwork That Is Budget-Friendly
By using our global and domestic network of curators, SNOW Art Consulting is able to make the best offer from a wide range of prices and styles of artworks to meet all our clients’ budgets, needs, space requirements and tastes.

■ Global Delivery
On behalf of our clients, we will carry out all complicated, domestic and international shipping and customs procedures pertaining to art delivery.

snow contemporary

snow contemporary

snow contemporary 

Business Outline

Based on our expertise and experience, SNOW Art Consulting will provide our clients with a broad range of quality services in purchasing artworks and in building their art collections.

□ Proposal and Supplying of Artworks
The mission of SNOW Art Consulting is to make responsible proposals of artworks. Since values of artworks are subject to change depending on an artist career and trends in the trade, we follow the industry’s trends, and try to make sure that our clients make wise choices and are satisfied with our services.

□ Inventory and Assets Management
For an institution that owns a large art collection, managing inventory and assets is a time-consuming and laborious task. Think of a company, which has over 1,000 pieces of artworks in its offices, stores and storage. SNOW Art Consulting will not only catalog the location of each piece of artwork, but will also make a list of each one’s value on a timely basis, providing both inventory and asset management solutions.

□ Branding by Art
Since SNOW Art Consulting has far more knowledge about the value of visual story telling than most other organizations, we are able to give support to institutions of all sizes the elaborate process of conveying a brand’s story through art. We will suggest ever-inspiring artworks based on the client’s specific story, history of its organization and tradition.

□ Evidence Based Design
SNOW Art Consulting has adopted Evidence Based Design (EBD), which applies data and empirical evidence. EBD, as a method in proposing artwork, has shown favorable outcomes in medical institutions, educational institutions, prisons, museums, libraries and other such institutions. In the medical field, it has become apparent that, based on EBD, the use of blue and green positively affects the condition of patients, and at schools, the use of EBD helps motivate students and keep them focused. The extensive knowledge and research of different themes bring about concrete results that institutions are able to highly evaluate.

□ Artwork Installment Service
At SNOW Art Consulting, regardless of the number of artworks, in keeping with our client’s needs, we will suggest the most appropriate artwork in the best space available. We also provide services to arrange for installment and be present on site when the artwork is being installed.


After a long business day, talking in the lobby, the moment right before you fall asleep, sculptures dotted around the garden, art collections that define the mood of a floor, or a made-to-order artwork that sets the tone for the exclusiveness of a suite.
Using our extensive network of contemporary artists, SNOW Art Consulting will offer hotel art that are not simply a collection of artworks. Our policy is to propose a creative idea and solution to hotel art that would reflect and feature the character of the hotel and inspire its guests.

snow contemporary

Business Institutions
The identity of a company far outweighs the mission it states. The people working, the office, every aspect of a company carries a story about the core value of its brand, and the company’s art collection is particularly significant in sharing its story.
SNOW Art Consulting considers the meaning of art for both the employers and client, examines the company identity and message, and suggests the most suitable art collection from both an esthetic and functional perspective.
We will create a portfolio that will include artworks that reflect the identity of the company and narrate every single corporate philosophy and its sense of beauty.

snow contemporary

A place for fun, and a place to relax: A place to enjoy time with family, or on your own: A modern high-rise in the city, or a traditional house. All residences are unique and artworks in each house reflect the individual’s sense of beauty and personal pride. Over the years, the expert team at SNOW Art Consulting has been giving support to individuals who are interested in forming their own art collection for their homes.
We start our consultation with dialog. We make sure to try and fully understand the client’s ideas and plans, including lifestyle, colors, lay-out, and how the residents move around the house, in what part of the house do they stay or gather, from which angle will they be looking at the artwork, etc. Based on the information we acquire, we make full use of our own original network, and offer the perfect art collection to accommodate the spirit of the residence.

snow contemporary

snow contemporary

It has been reported that art in medical facilities lowers 60% of the patients’ stress level. According to another research conducted at London University, looking at beautiful art increases people’s happiness level by 10%. Artworks are essential for the recovery and quality of life of many patients.
On the other hand, we are fully aware of the difficulties of installing artworks in medical facilities. At SNOW Art Consulting, we suggest artworks for medical facilities based on evidence. By taking into account the amount of sunshine that pours into the building and the paths that patients take to move around the facility, artworks become a part of their treatment.

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