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2016 August
Exhibition / Event News

Tatsuo Kawaguchi
●solo exhibition “Topology of Time”
session:2016/9/10(Sat) ? 10/1(Sat)? 11:00 ? 19:00
opening reception : 9/9(Fri) 18:00 ? 20:00
artist talk "Now Looking Outside of 1970" : 9/9(Fri) 18:30 ?
venue:SNOW Contemporary
HP :

Hideki Iinuma
●group exhibition “ODORE CHOKOKU”
session:2016/8/5(Fri) - 27(Sat)
venue:hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO
HP : artists:Hideki Iinuma, Kenichi Obana

●solo exhibition “Hideki Iinuma”
session:2016/9/17(Sat) ? 11/27(Sun)
venue:Matsumoto City Museum of Art
HP :


Riyoo Kim
●solo exhibition “月と蛇と縄文土器”
session:2016/7/29(Fri)- 8/14(Sun)
venue:roppongi hills A/D GALLERY
HP :


●”Setouchi Triennale 2016”
<exhibition / Keisuke Takahashi>
session:2016/7/18(Mon) ? 11/6(Sun)
venue:Seaside Inujima Gallery
HP :
<Performing> "The World has Shrunk, and Only a Certain Fact Remains"
date:2016/8/10(Wed), 11(Thu), 12(Fri), 13(Sat)? open 18:30 / start 19:00
venue:Inujima Seirensho Art Museum
HP :

Fuyuki Yamakawa
●”Setouchi Triennale 2016”
venue:Oshima port area
HP :

●work “「パ」nishment”
The performance for which Yamakawa cannot pronounce 「パ」for a year, has started on January 1, 2011.
If you happen to hear him say 「パ」, please inform through the Twitter writing “#panisshi” on the top.
session : 2011/1/1 - ?

Kota Takeuchi
●group exhibition “Material Nuclear Culture”
session:2016/6/17(Fri) ? 8/14(Sun)
venue:KARST Gallery, Plymouth, UK
session:2016/10/2(Sun) ? 2017/1/15(Sun)
venue:Perpetual Uncertainty Bildmuseet, Sweden
curator:Ele Carpenter

Atsuhiro Ito
●performance ”Tanz im August”
collaboration with German dance team, Sebastian Matthias
Session : 2016/8/13(Sat) - 8/17(Wed)
venue:ART SPACE BAR BUENA, Berlin / Germany
HP :

venue:SPEKTRUM, Berlin / Germany
HP :
artists:Ito, YPY+Yamato, Morimoto、Seiji Morimoto (Tokyo/Berlin) ? electronics、YPY+Yamato (Osaka/Nagasaki) - electronics&compact cassette players + light sculpture、Atsuhiro Ito (Tokyo) - OPTRON

●live “TRONITO extra”
date:2016/8/27(Sat) open & start 19:00-
HP :

●group exhibition “Trans / Real: The Potential of Intangible Art vol.5 : Atsuhiro ITO x Toshiya TSUNODA”
session:2016/10/29(Sat)- 12/3(Sat)
? artist talk:10/29(Sat) 18:00 ? 19:00?(tentative)
opening party:10/29 (Sat) 19:00 - ?(tentative)
venue:gallery αM
HP :
curator:Gen Umezu(Curator / Museum of Fine Art, Saitama)

Fuyuki Yamakawa, Kota Takeuchi
●group exhibition “Don’t Follow The Wind”
session:2015/3/11(Wed) - 20XX/X/X
venue:Exclusion zone of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant incident
HP :
artists: Ai Weiwei, Miyanaga Aiko, Chim↑Pom, Grand Guignol Mirai, Nikolaus Hirsch and Jorge Otero-Pailos, Takeuchi Kota, Eva and Franco Mattes, Koizumi Meiro, Takekawa Nobuaki, Ahmet Ogut, Trevor Paglen, Taryn Simon

●project “Braddock Tiles”
HP :

●project “Dream Reliquary”
SWOON is starting a project of collecting dreams. Send your dream and join her project!
HP :

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