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2013 January
Exhibition / Event News

●project “Konbit Shelter”
Let’s make it happen together! Funding ends on Jan 1, 2013.
Konbit Shelter is building creative, safe, beautiful, and sustainable homes for Haitian families in the continuing aftermath of the earthquake of 2010 and Hurricane Sandy.

●project “Dream Reliquary”
SWOON is starting a project of collecting dreams. Send your dream and join her project!

Fuyuki Yamakawa
●group exhibition ”Omnilogue:Your Voice is Mine”
session:2013/1/19(Sat) – 4/21(Sun)
venue:NUS Museum, National University of Singapore
artist:Makiko Koie, Syun Sasa, SHIMURAbros, Motohiro Tomii, Fuyuki Yamakawa, Takayuki Yamamoto

The performance for which Yamakawa cannot pronounce 「パ」for a year, has started on January 1, 2011.
If you happen to hear him say 「パ」, please inform through the Twitter writing “#panisshi” on the top.
session : 2011/1/1 - ?

Atsuhiro Ito
●performance “Hear Here : A Sound Installation Exhibition」
date:2013/1/19(Sat) 18:30 -
*session : 2012/12/9 – 2013/2/10
venue:Bangkok Art and Culture Centre(Bangkok / Thailand)

●“Island of Man”(with English subtitle) in on view on Youtube.

●festival “The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival・Art Division”
Screening of his animated creation "Open play, Forgetting eye".
session : 2013/2/13(Wed) – 2/24(Sun)
venue:The National Art Center

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